Zen Being

there’s this idea
that keeps trying
to own itself
inside me

get the fuck out!

who said that?

Ones and Many

simplicity and duplicity
are responsible
for nature itself

all minds ultimately
surrender to this
sweet sweet paradox

kept alive by the heart
and the breath taking one

Present Truth

one must be
in the moment
for life to
ever come true

touch the ground
and be grounded
find comfort here

living, being,
breathing, now
this is where
it will all happen

Meditation on How

there’s no
figuring out how
to live life

there is only
the living of life

those who
figure out how
end up learning
to forget all hows
in order to live again

Now Here This

why do you suppose
to comfort others
we find ourselves
saying “Now, Now”?

and yet why is it
we say “There, There”
instead of “Here, Here”?

“Here Now, Here Now”
“Here Now, This Here”
let us be comforted
by this, here, and now

The Center of Time

with my body as clock
please let me live
at the center of time
in that motionless space
where nothing prevails
surrounded by activity
witnessing all there is
in stillness, no hurry
for anything to happen


all inertia
is the thought
of how

how is it possible?
how does that work?
how can this be?

it is
is does
it is


Life is Sacred, Nature Knows Best

is life a serious matter
or is it filled with mirth?

when do things matter much,
and when do they matter little?
more importantly
however, probably
how do we know the difference?

is it not by how we feel,
the wisdom of nature
showing us the way?

taking things
lightly or heavily
as the case may be

life is sacred
life is simple
life is short
life is rich

life is like a muscle
sometimes it relaxes
and sometimes it tightens
all according to needs

surrender to what is
surrender to nature
surrender to feelings

Procrastination Poem, Metaphor

(a poem on procrastination)

Testing the Water
this morning in the shower
a metaphor came to life
there I was testing the water
when the water was warm enough
I kept waiting there, half asleep
for some other mysterious criterion

as if it were not quite “real” enough
waiting, I laughed to myself
realizing “this is it” “this is life”
the real thing, right before me

the water is fine
plenty warm enough
this is as good as it gets