Now Here This

why do you suppose
to comfort others
we find ourselves
saying “Now, Now”?

and yet why is it
we say “There, There”
instead of “Here, Here”?

“Here Now, Here Now”
“Here Now, This Here”
let us be comforted
by this, here, and now

This Then Now Only Yes

it hurts to try
to begin with “I”
conjure and become willfully

this begins the pain
this breaking
this splitting
(of awareness in two)
this separation from source
(mother, origin, eternity)
this hurts (anxiety, desire)

there is nothing
absolutely nothing “out there”
to piece us back together

only within where
appearance disappears
and will subsides
starting points
drop away
this then
now only

Hello Now (companionship)

today I returned
to the present moment
after a long train
of images and thoughts
and as if once again
encountering an old friend
I said out loud “Hello Now”

self-encouraging all
entrances into this,
the present