Living Now

living now
being present
intently witnessing
intently being
being with intent
without aim
without desire
without fear
simply alert
intensely living

Zen Mind

what is zen mind?
how can there be
a zen mind?

perhaps zen mind
is big mind
THE mind
intelligence itself
the capacity to witness
as opposed to
the capacity to know
if knowing is over time

perhaps zen mind
is this moment only
with nothing in it
but the recognition
of itself as
free and beautiful
joyous and boundless


we say “whatever”
and what do we mean, really?
are we open to whatever?
or could we not care less?

what do we mean by “whatever”?

you tell me

My Mindfulness

I call it “my mindfulness”
though it is not mine

it is really “our” mindfulness
or rather perhaps “the” mindfulness
(a shared phenomenon)
or rather a single phenomenon
as we are ONE intelligence
(one mindful being)
expressing itself through
infinite space and time
intimate space and time
all lives, everywhere
loving, listening, joying

What is Mindfulness?

what is mindfulness?
mindfulness is
paying attention
to life as it is
which means
in this moment
for life exists
in the moment
nowhere else
life exists
in the body
not in the head
not in ideas
only now

Making Sense

his body
was useful
for carrying
his head
for carrying
his fantasies
for transporting
mental pictures
while making sense
of things