Right Here Right Now

why do you so want to live
beyond this moment?

why do you want to
secure a future?

do you not believe
in yourself?

do you not trust
in yourself that you
(in your divinity)
are all you need?

do you need more time?
do you need more space?
more room to flower?

so you can continue
to put off the inevitable,
this being to love yourself
with all your might
right here and now?

Vampire Poem

I have a list of subjects
I like to choose from
in terms of poems
today I picked vampires

don’t ask me why
it is crazy
all I can think of
is the obsession
about vampires

are we somehow attracted to—
eternity, curbing instincts…

you tell me

Power Poem

this is my power poem
it is nothing like
a power bar

this power poem
is about that
sometimes subtle
sometimes obvious
need to feel above
or better than

it is about that
fear of being left out
that manifests as
attempts to control
attempts to use
nature and feelings
to secure a future
to protect an idea

we are all the same power
we needn’t spin it