Thanks and Gratefulness

the spirit of thanks
is strong this morning
and throughout the day
gratefulness will warm
the hearts of many

hearts centered
in one divine
eternal fire

happy thanksgiving

Meditation on One Heart

everything exists
at one time
in one space
as one heart

it’s where
all the light
comes from

out of
one darkness
one emptiness
one possibility
one now
one eternity

The Orpheus Effect

an ordinary motor boat
(aiming to somehow discover
its impact on the world)
moving steadily on a lake
turns around, off path
to encounter its wake

determined to witness
its own beauty discreetly
criss-crosses over it
destroying it completely

love eternal found within
in expression trusted
lost to beauty, its shadow
ever after lusted

This Idea of Self

there’s this idea
that keeps trying
to own itself
inside this

give itself a name
start buying groceries
get a Palm Pilot
or someone else
to drive it around
bouncing off
the furniture
projecting a series
of fashioned selves
smile for the camera
and in all ways possible
sidestep the simple

shhhh! quiet
it’s asleep

time to slip out
the back door

Emptiness, the Greatest Nothing

emptiness is the greatest nothing
the perfect boundless playground
eternally beckoning our creativity

emptiness is the greatest nothing
to measure our desires against
realizing the endless torment
the compulsion to fill and fill
needn’t be tormenting at all
simply a non-stop call to create
that each and every soul must heed
and heed and heed and heed and learn
to be at peace with heeding
to experience joy while heeding

emptiness is so great and full
full of the need to keep on being
with absolutely no effort at all
emptiness is the greatest nothing

Metaphysical Poem

once upon a time
there was a zen
just one zen
existential, invisible
metaphysical, physical
life-like and pure
just one zen,
this zen grew up
to be all there is
sharing itself
with itself
playing at
being many

once upon a time
and always upon
an eternity

Imprints and Images

imprints and images
thought forms, ideas
substances of how
of why, of where,
when, what, and whom
continue to bloom
desperate to live on

conscious mind
habit mind
convincing mind

not a mindful mind
but strangely lost
in the home-movies
of a life not lived

for had it been so, or
if this is that moment!
those imprints and images
drop, dissolve, disappear
leaving this one in peace
instead of pieces


desire ends
not by
or having

desire ends
by realizing
this truth


(pagan new year poem)

no identity
will ever

it would be
like climbing
to the top
of a tree
to search
for its

autumn apples
surrender their names
to the winter soil

identity so abandoned
personality is pure