Form is Emptiness

discontentment never ends
just like contentment
we ever seek
to fill the full
empty the empty
distracting ourselves
mirror facing mirror

the contents of emptiness
so full of potential
so wise with nothing

form is emptiness
emptiness is form
love is complete
with itself

Stilling Thoughts

I was going to think something
it was clear, I felt it
I almost entered thought

it was going to be grand
impactive, impressive
I could feel it
(or someone could)

to set up camp there
all alone, in a distant world
ready to make a big difference
for some reason or another

then, recognition set in
thinking caught in headlights
aware of itself, it dissapeared
stilling all thoughts itself

peaceful, serene, nameless

All That Is

all that is
is fundamentally

overjoyed at its
eternal potential
it expresses itself
in all manners

all this
so that
we may say


all feelings are right
right and true, truth
an expression of inherent
value, values and valuing
of diversity and preference
heart and path

all feelings, yes
real and true