Crown Chakra

“happily ever after”
just entered my crown chakra
and sprouted so many petals
that I couldn’t get out
to save my mental picture

The Past

the past
is a play
of lost opportunities
with no entrance point
to make them peaceful

they play on the mind
and interupt the body’s flow
with no resolution in sight

they hover
the little unhappinesses
looking for something
in common
that their voices joined
might be sooner heard

they themselves
have no idea
that they are lost
that their time
has come and gone

they wait and weight
until with courage
YOU dissolve them
into light
that they might
be fulfilled
through other
in some other life

What is Zen Poetry? What are Zen Poems?

seven newspaper boxes
lined up on a sidewalk
waiting for something to happen

Difficult Birth
life must be something
we live over and over again
until we can manage
to live it all at once

Dialed In
chop wood
answer cell phone
carry water

Honest to God
to fight over truth
is simply to fight
out of fear
of what
may happen

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